Both the C&Rsenal website http://candrsenal.com/ and the YouTube Channel offer a wealth of information. The content is made up of well researched firearms history, detailed photographs, live fire video and wonderful x-ray animations. The primary presenter, Othais, is passionate about period firearms and works hard to make the show entertaining. If you have a YouTube account you can subscribe to the channel.

The website and YouTube channel are both free to view and there is a contribution option available if you enjoy the content and choose to financially support their efforts.

Illinois State Rifle Association

The ISRA is our primary local legislative Second Ammendment advocate here in Illinois. If you are not already a member of the Illinois State Rifle Association please  consider joining their ranks. Our legislative representatives consider numbers when deciding how to vote on the laws that impact our ability to own and use firearms in Illinois. The ISRA needs every member it can get.

Second Amendment Foundation

The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) promotes an understanding of our Constitutional heritage to privately own and possess firearms.

The SAF is the leading legal advocate combating legislative infringements of your Second Amendment rights. This is the group that won the court cases that forced Illinois to allow you to carry a firearm concealed for your personal protection.

This type of legal action is expensive. Check out the SAF and consider joining or contributing to support their fight to protect and expand your Second Amendment rights.

National Rifle Association

 The National Rifle Association was chartered in 1871 to help promote marksmanship skills in America. Since that time the NRA has grown to embrace virtually every aspect of firearms use, safety, training and political advocay at all levels of government.

NRA membership is a requirement for Abe Lincoln Gun Club members.