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I'm going to be experimenting with this page. I'll try to post news, general information and maybe some personal opinion from time-to-time.

Jim Johnson

ALGC President

Proper Disposal of Duds

Remember that faulty ammunition (duds) should never be tossed into the waste cans marked "Trash" or any of the brass collection buckets. For safety reasons rounds that fail to fire should always be dropped into the concrete tube outside the clubhouse.

From Our Friends In The Netherlands

Erik and Jolanda Vaessen

Erik wanted to share the unvieling of a new monument in the town of Beek about five miles from where he and Jolanda live in the Netherlands.

The monument honors the crew of an American 8th Air Force bomber that crashed in a field in 1943 during one of the raids on Schweinfurt Germany in an attempt to disrupt Nazi ball bearing production. Four of the crew perished in the crash while six were able to parachute to safety. The phrase on the monument translates to "Freedom Should Not Be Taken For Granted".

Descendants of the crew were present for the dedication. 

It's very nice to know that there are still people that appreciate the sacrifice that American veterans made for them during World War II. Thank you from all of us to the people of Beek, Netherlands.

Box of Ammunition Found

 There was a box of ammunition left at the club earlier this season. To our surprise no one has come forward to report the loss to any of the club officers. We think the loss occurred in early July. If you believe you are the owner of this lost ammo please email a description of the ammunition and container to and include your contact information. 

ALGC 2017 Annual Fall Workday


The 2017 ALGC Fall Workday is history. The weather cooperated and we managed to both stay dry and pretty much complete our goals. It was deemed to be too windy to safely process the burn pile so that task will have to wait.

The Fall Work Day provides us an opportunity to prepare the club for winter. It's our last chance to complete outdoor projects and a good time for the general cleanup needed after the heavier use the club experiences during the spring and summer seasons.

Sixteen members participated this year and we were able to wrap up by noon as predicted. I'm going to set a goal right now to improve member participation for the 2018 ALGC Annual Fall workday. So mark October 6th 2018 on your calendar right now. I also want to recognize the members that came out to volunteer. So a big "Thank You" to Dick Alcorn, Mike Balkauskas, Bill Bermel, Mark Blankenship, Dan Croll, Dan Ewing, Donn Klor, Todd Grider, Jim Hynes, Ray Kurninski, Chris O'Donnell, Todd Rankin, Steve Rowoldt, Aaron Royer and Barry Wright.

Jim Johnson - ALGC President