ALGC Reloading Roundtable

 How many club members use the winter months to reload their supply of ammunition for the coming year?  How many are just getting into handloading their own or are thinking about starting?  How about taking time out on a few Monday evenings to come out to the Club and discuss all things reloading?

We would like to restart the reloading roundtable like we had a few years back.  We would get together once a month and swap tips, information, stories, and opinions, not to mention a show-and-tell of equipment, and giveaways or sale of unused stuff from our loading benches.

Steve Rowoldt, ALGC Chief Instructor, has offered to facilitate the sessions.   He has lots of the basic stuff to offer the novice and loves to hear the veterans' reloading tales.  Beginners would find it very helpful to hear what's out there, and the experienced guys love to tell everybody how they do it.  It's a good place to ask the "dumb" questions, (or hear another guy ask your dumb question for you), and get every possible answer.  It's like the Internet, but face-to-face.

Everyone's encouraged to bring a photo of their loading bench set-up.  Most are pretty simple, but some are amazing.  Tell us what your favorite brand of equipment is, how you got started, what brass is worth picking up at the range, what powders you've tried.  Do you weigh and sort every component and do all those things that the gun magazines talk about, or do you just crank out the blasting ammo?  Do you keep a log of every load and how it performs?  What's worth spending extra time (and money) on?  What do you like most about loading your own?  Least?  Tell us the worst mistake you've ever, or almost, made.  The possibilities are endless.

If this sounds like fun, you're our kind of member.  Pistol, rifle, shotgun reloaders, it's all good.  (Reloading black powder from the muzzle doesn't count, sorry.)  We'd like to start on Monday, January 7th around 7:00 PM and go from there, once a month probably but every other week if there's enough interest.  Frequency and time are negotiable, but we'd run about an hour and a half.  A casual get together just to talk about reloading and exchange information and opinions.



Send Steve an email and let him know what you think.