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Range Usage Violations

We've had a few issues on the ranges. Time to review the Membership Agreement.

Membership Agreement

Over time changes at the club necessitate updates to the Membership Agreement rules. As these rules apply to all club members it is important to familiarize yourself with updates. 

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2018 CMP Match Schedule

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Range Usage Violations

This is a direct violation of the Membership Agreement that we all signed

 7. No cross-lane shooting is allowed on any range. The outdoor shooting benches are numbered with their corresponding numbers on the downrange target positions. The indoor range is divided left and right. No target shall be fired at in such a manner as to permit a projectile to strike the ground, miss a backstop, or strike a frame, post, wall, or structure downrange. Violation of this basic rule will not be tolerated. 

It's time to reread the club Membership Agreement

There have been an increasing number of range usage violations noted recently. These photos show one that we didn't catch in time.

All targets must be placed in the designated hanging areas on belting, plywood or cardboard. The only place that targets may be placed on the ground is directly in front of the 100 yard berm to the left of the steel targets.

The Membership Agreement isn't just a piece of paper we all signed to become members. The Membership Agreement spells out the rules; the things that we can and can't do while at the club. Everyone needs to review the Membership Agreement.

This is why the Membership Agreement prohibits this type of target placement

In this case the member missed the bottle with every single shot. They did manage to put consistent hits on the top of the post at the 200 yard line. These hits pretty much destroyed the post top and have now created a situation that will cause the post to fail prematurely. A violation like this can result in disciplinary action or worse expulsion from the club.

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