Tree Trimming - Completed

The tree trimming project has been completed and the ranges are open. There are a couple of large piles of mulch left over from the process. Any members in need of mulch are welcome to haul off as much of this material as you can use.

Jim Johnson

ALGC President


January 2020 Legislative Report

Have questions about the new Illinois marijuana laws and firearms ownership? Pat Keen's January Legislative report will provide some explanations. Click the button below:

The 2020 Rifle Competition Schedules are here!!!

The 2020 Rifle competition schedules for Abe Lincoln Gun Club and Taylorville Rifle & Pistol Club are now available online right here.

January is just around the corner so it's time to get your equipment in order for the first match of the new season. Yeah it's going to be cold and maybe snowing but what else do you have to do in January?

Click on the link below to download the schedules!

New 200-Yard Steel Target Installation

The new 200-yard steel target installation has been completed. The unusually heavy rains this year delayed the project but thanks to a great group of members pitching in, the targets are now ready to use. The current configuration consists of two 8 inch steel disks hung side by side.

Shooting at the new targets is limited to the two southernmost benches and the area between those two benches (for shooting prone position for example).

This is also a good time to restate the steel target usage rules:


• No armor piercing (or steel bearing) bullets

Sight your firearm in on paper before shooting at the steel targets

• Rapid fire is discouraged 

• Only shoot from designated benches or area between them

• If a steel target, strap, or piece of hardware is damaged during shooting; repair the damage using the available parts. Parts locations: straps are hanging on hooks behind bench ten, hardware is located in the ammo box mounted on bench ten, targets are either in the ammo box or in the labeled steel target locker in the indoor range.

 • If you do walk down to the targets please touch up the paint. White paint is usually available in the parts box or in the parts locker.

ALGC Members Visit Vortex

ALGC members Nick and Ray traveled to the Vortex Optics Headquarters in Wisconsin earlier this year to participate in a Vortex Nation Podcast. The invitation came when Nick responded to some misinformation in another Vortex Nation Podcast. They loaded up the car and headed north. This is a long podcast but well worth watching. To watch the podcast on YouTube just click the link below.

Addition to the Indoor Range

Concealed Carry Practice Station


New B27 targets available in the Indoor Range.

Official Qualification Targets


These B27 targets will allow you to train on the same targets you will use for license qualification.

Train for you CC License


Use these targets with the yellow 5, 7 and 10 yard firing lines in the Indoor Range for qualification practice.

Read the Usage Rules


The B27 targets are 50 cents a piece. The cash box is attached to the side of the target case.

Events of Interest

No upcoming events.

Addresses & Range Hours

Abe Lincoln Gun Club

Street Address: 6360 Pec Road, Springfield, IL 62711, US

Mailing Address: PO Box 20241, Springfield, IL 62708-0241

Range Hours

No outdoor firing will take place before 9:00 AM and firing will cease at sunset. No indoor range firing is allowed before 7:00 AM or after 10:00 PM.

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