CMP Junior Shooting Classes

Firearms Safety

Participants learn the fundamentals of proper handling and use of firearms.

Have Fun

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Class Date

Sunday October 28

Improve Skills

 Indoor and outdoor ranges provide plenty of guided practice opportunities.


Roy Christy - Dr. Richards Memorial Match Winners

The annual Roy Christie - Dr. Richards Memorial rifle matches in September are our only prize matches. 

2018 Fall Work Day Success

I want to start off with a great big "thank you" to all of the members that were able to come out for the ALGC Fall Work Day. Everyone present Saturday put in a good mornings work and we beat the rain. Without this member support not only would the club stop moving forward but you would soon see things start deteriorating.

We were able to get many of the target items checked off of our list. But there always seem to be a few items that we just don't have the manpower and time to complete. If you weren't able to make it out to the club to help you can still give a little back. I'm going to be posting a "To Do" list on the website soon. The idea is that this will provide an opportunity for members with schedules that don't allow for work day participation to help with club maintenance. We need to spread out the workload and get more members willing to give a few hours of spare time toward supporting the club.

Jim Johnson

ALGC President

Steel Target Repair Station

As promised we have installed a steel target repair station by shooting bench 10. The ammo box has tools and hardware. There are long and short straps hanging on the roof supports. The ammo box can be lifted off of the bench so it can be carried down to the targets. Everyone now has the means to repair the steel targets. Please repair anything that you shoot up.

Range Mowing Schedule

The task of mowing grass at the club has always been somewhat loosely scheduled. Our mowing crew has always been made up of member volunteers and they worked when they were available.

The members that make up the current mowing crew have been able to establish a pretty predictable schedule this year and want to share it so it's less likely that you will show up to shoot and find the mowers working.

Keep in mind that the schedule may be changed due to the weather.

Wednesday Afternoon:

- Pistol Range

- 50 Yard Range

- 100 Yard Range

- Trap Field 

Friday Morning:

- 200 Yard Range

-Skeet Field

Civil Air Patrol

Do you want to fly? Do you want to honor and serve America? Then rise to the challenge of cadet membership in the U.S. Air Force Auxillary, Civil Air Patrol.

Events of Interest

No upcoming events.

Street & Mailing Addresses

Abe Lincoln Gun Club

6360 Pec Road, Springfield, IL 62711, US

Mailing Address: PO Box 20241, Springfield, IL 62708-0241

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