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The 2018 CMP Match Schedule is now available.

Illinois State Rifle Association

ISRA Informational Alert:  The Fall Veto Session is over, SB 1657 was not called for a vote, but the issue remains alive for the next legislative session.

This veto session of the Illinois General Assembly is now concluded.  Thank you for making those phone calls and for urging a "No" vote on these two bills.  The bills were not called for a for a vote.  The pressure is off for now, and we expect the issue to be brought back in the spring legislative session.

This is the legislation that would force your favorite gun store to close under a mountain of new regulations.  This bill will affect your ability to buy firearms or ammunition in Illinois.  Never mind the weight of all the federal regulations that gun dealers and gun owners must deal with, your retailer and you will have more Illinois regulations and fees now too.

SB333  Harmon - SFA1 - Details to try to get Gun Dealer Licensing to pass

This amended shell bill would water down of a few of the details in SB1657, in order to ease opposition to Gun Dealer Licensing.  In reality, it is a delaying tactic only, putting off the expensive privacy-invading video recording of all activity in the store, and starting off the cost of licensing too low to support the expensive implementation of yet another state government program.  In other words, the true cost of compliance would come into play shortly after enacting dealer licensing.  

New Steel Target

If you are not on the club email list you may not know that a third steel target has been installed in the 100 yard enclosure. The new target is a hanging five inch gong located above and between the two floor mounted poppers.

We tested the new target with .22 long rifle and there was some but not a lot of movement. Some of the observers said they could hear the hit but I wouldn't say it was a "ring". Hits with .223 rounds produced significant movement and an impact sound, again not a ring but it was audible.

I'm also going to talk to the manufacturer about options that might make the poppers more responsive.

Unfortunately we don't have a way to separate the steel targets based on caliber. So we have to go with heavier steel for higher calibers and as you have probably observed it takes a lot of energy to move that much mass. So we'll keep testing and trying new options. You keep providing feedback based on your experiences with the steel targets; it's been very helpful.

Jim Johnson - ALGC President

Member Email Address

We are still in need of some member email addresses. The club will be more reliant on distributing information through email and the new website. If you haven't provided your email address yet please use the link at the bottom of this page and send us your name and email address.

IL General Assembly Witness Slips

The Illinois General Assembly has a great impact on our ability to exercise our Second Amendment rights. It's important that we express our feelings on pending legislation to our representatives in the Illinois General Assembly. We may choose to stop by local offices, make calls or write letters and emails to the officials that have been elected to represent us.

Another option is to file a "Witness Slip" online on the website. Visit the website and create and account. This will allow you to create witness slips indicating your stance to support or oppose legislation. Ilinois State Rifle Association is a good source of information on legislation in need of a witness slip and will normally send email notifications to members for distribution. I receive these notifications and will pass them along when possible. 

Please consider signing up and submitting witness slips. It's a quick easy way to make your opinion know and help protect our Second Amendment rigths.

Jim Johnson - ALGC President

Box of Ammo Found

There was a box of ammunition left at the club earlier this season. To our surprise no one has come forward to report the loss to any of the club officers. We think the loss occurred in early July. If you believe you are the owner of this lost ammo please email a description of the ammunition and container to and include your contact information.

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Club History

Abe Lincoln Gun Club was founded in 1946 and was originally based out at the site of the Springfield Police Department range.  The club moved to our existing location sometime in the late 1960’s.

The total membership of the club was limited to 100 for many years. Currently membership is limited to 275 regular and a variable number of Life members.

Abe Lincoln Gun Club is a not-for-profit organization, an NRA affiliate and claims 100% NRA membership. The club is a registered IDNR Conservation Stewardship Program participant. 

Membership Information

 Abe Lincoln Gun Club is a private club and not open to the general public other than CMP competitions and designated special programs such as CMP Junior Shooting. Membership is limited to a fixed number of regular and Life members.

We no longer accept open application for membership. In order to submit an application a current member must sponsor the prospective applicant. The sponsor is expected to host the prospective applicant as a guest at the club and must agree to take responsibility for the applicant’s behavior during their first year of probation should they be accepted as a member following a final interview by our executive board. Even with this rigorous process the club normally has a two to three year backlog of pending applicants. 

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Abe Lincoln Gun Club

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Mailing Address: PO Box 20241, Springfield, IL 62708-0241

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