CMP Junior Shooting Program 2018

Steve Rowoldt and Dan Croll have been the driving forces behind the ALGC CMP Junior Shooting program for eleven years. But as the ALGC Chief Instructor Steve would like to explore other club training program ideas and Dan as our Facilities Director always has plenty to do around the club.

There is currently an opportunity for interested club members to set up a new juniors/youth program for 2018. This is an excellent chance for a small group of experienced and dedicated members to utilize the tremendous assets of the ALGC to develop a program that accommodates their unique interests and schedules.

Abe Lincoln Gun Club is affiliated with the national Civilian Marksmanship Program. The Civilian Marksmanship Program was chartered to promote Firearm Safety and Marksmanship Training with an emphasis on youth. The ALGC program guidelines provide juniors ages 8 through 20 the ability to receive this training without having to be associated with members of the club. No fees are collected, and no FOID card is required for the youth attending. Everything needed is provided by our club. Youth may attend as many sessions as they wish with only a guest liability waiver filled out by a parent or guardian upon their first visit. This program has been an excellent opportunity to introduce non-shooting kids and their families to the shooting sports in a positive and safe manner, as well as to provide additional training to those youth who wish to advance their knowledge and skill.

We are looking for a group of members to share instructor responsibilities for the Juniors program. Interested members will have the established assets of the program at their disposal. The Club has .22 target rifles of various sizes, ammunition, targets, jackets, gloves, slings, spotting scopes, training aids, etc., etc. available for program use. The new instructor group will have the benefit of drawing on a growing database of past junior shooters, their friends and families who are eager to return to ALGC for this program, as well as the children and grandchildren of members and their friends.

Safety, sportsmanship, and skill development is the goal of this program, but how it is structured is up to the new members directing it. Frequency and schedule of the new juniors shooting will also be up to the new directing members. There are many options open for those who would like a chance to use the club's assets to run a program of their design. The program will have the full support of the ALGC Executive Committee once approved. Both indoor and outdoor ranges can be reserved for the scheduled sessions. The EC welcomes new individuals with fresh ideas and a commitment to sharing their experience and passion with the youth of the club and the community.

This program represents our club to the community and we really want it to continue at it's past high level of performance. Members interested in volunteering should send an email to We will be discussing the Juniors Program at the next Board meeting on January 22, 2018 starting at 6:00 PM at the club; all interested members are invited to attend. 

2018 CMP Match Schedule

The 2018 CMP Match Schedule is now available.

Proper Disposal of Duds

Remember that faulty ammunition (duds) should never be tossed into the waste cans marked "Trash". For safety reasons rounds that fail to fire should always be dropped into the concrete tube outside the clubhouse.

IL General Assembly Witness Slips

The Illinois General Assembly has a great impact on our ability to exercise our Second Amendment rights. It's important that we express our feelings on pending legislation to our representatives in the Illinois General Assembly. We may choose to stop by local offices, make calls or write letters and emails to the officials that have been elected to represent us.

Another option is to file a "Witness Slip" online on the website. Visit the website and create and account. This will allow you to create witness slips indicating your stance to support or oppose legislation. Ilinois State Rifle Association is a good source of information on legislation in need of a witness slip and will normally send email notifications to members for distribution. I receive these notifications and will pass them along when possible. 

Please consider signing up and submitting witness slips. It's a quick easy way to make your opinion know and help protect our Second Amendment rigths.

Jim Johnson - ALGC President

Member Email Address

We are still in need of some member email addresses. The club will be more reliant on distributing information through email and the new website. If you haven't provided your email address yet or have changed your address please use the link at the bottom of this page and send us your name and email address.

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About Us

Club History

Abe Lincoln Gun Club was founded in 1946 and was originally based out at the site of the Springfield Police Department range.  The club moved to our existing location sometime in the late 1960’s.

The total membership of the club was limited to 100 for many years. Currently membership is limited to 275 regular and a variable number of Life members.

Abe Lincoln Gun Club is a not-for-profit organization, an NRA affiliate and claims 100% NRA membership. The club is a registered IDNR Conservation Stewardship Program participant. 

Membership Information

 Abe Lincoln Gun Club is a private club and not open to the general public other than CMP competitions and designated special programs such as CMP Junior Shooting. Membership is limited to a fixed number of regular and Life members.

We no longer accept open application for membership. In order to submit an application a current member must sponsor the prospective applicant. The sponsor is expected to host the prospective applicant as a guest at the club and must agree to take responsibility for the applicant’s behavior during their first year of probation should they be accepted as a member following a final interview by our executive board. Even with this rigorous process the club normally has a two to three year backlog of pending applicants. 

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Abe Lincoln Gun Club

6360 Pec Road, Springfield, IL 62708, US

Mailing Address: PO Box 20241, Springfield, IL 62708-0241

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