200-Yard Steel Target Installation

New Target Enclosure


To speed the installation, the railroad ties and steel plates were precut, numbered and ready to assemble in the new location at the just behind the 200-yard target line.

Backfilling the Enclosure


Once the enclosure was assembled the backfill was trucked into place and spread by the crew.

Just Part of the Crew


It was a warm morning and we luckily had enough volunteers to rotate crews for a little break from the work.

First Day Progress


At the end of the morning the basic structure was in place and as much backfill placed as the berm would support.

New Target Location


The new installation sits just to the left of the 200-yard target stands. More backfill has been added along with sacrificial boards and the two 8 inch steel disks.

Ready to Shoot


Here's a close-up of the finished installation ready to use. Remember to sight in your rifle at 200-yards on paper first before attempting to hit the disks!!!