C&Rsenal - Firearm History


Are you interested in old guns? Do you have a C&R license? There is a YouTube channel and website that you should check out, C&Rsenal.

Othais and Mae create comprehensive histories of vintage firearms around the period of WWI. The programs are available on their YouTube channel and deal with the history, development and shooting of classic firearms.


Estimates of 2000 to 2500 Second Amendment supporters attended the Illinois State Rifle Association sponsored IGOLD 2018 event in Springfield this year. I was very pleased to see Abe Lincoln Gun Club members in attendance at the rally, march and lobbying our legislators at the Capitol. I'd like to think the hard work of the attendees paid off.

This years lobby day coincided with the last day for the legislature to attempt to override the Governor's veto of the toxic FFL licensing scheme that would certainly have had the effect of driving local FFLs out of business with burdensome regulations. The bills sponsor choose not to attempt the override for fear the necessary votes were not locked down. Unfortunately he also announced that he would start working to reintroduce the legislation.

We'll all have to be vigilant and keep up the fight. So when necessary be prepared to email and call legislators, file Witness Slips when needed and support Second Amendment rights organizations that are fighting for all of us.

Jim Johnson

ALGC President