Emergency Medical Supplies

New Emergency Supplies


The new AED (Automated External Defibrillator) and Stop The Bleeding kits are now mounted just inside the clubhouse door for quick and easy access should and emergency arise. More details will be coming on the AED and for those interested more information is available online. Memorial is holding free Stop the Bleed classes at the end of March.  They may or may not have openings remaining.  The next ones are at the end of June.

AED System


The defibrillator is battery-powered that lasts for five to eight years, and continually self-tests.  There is a small green LED light in the upper right corner that gives a quick flash several times a minute to let you know it's working and available. The attached bag has a breath-giving adapter, gloves, alcohol wipes, razor and scissors.  The unit is very easy to use.  Encourage members to visit the website with the video and they'll get the idea in the first few minutes.

AED Contents


This is a view of the AED contents. The unit is designed to guide users through emergency usage and will actually talk you through the procedure while automating the application of controlled shock if needed.

AED Training Information


An AED training video is available online at Https://americanAED.com/dvd/onsite. The video runs nearly 40 minutes and is very comprehensive, viewing is highly recommended.

Stop The Bleeding Bandages


The bleed kits each have three different sizes of blood clotting gauze and sponge, from 2x4" up to 5x5", depending on the severity of the wound(s).  There is a tourniquet, gloves, scissors, marker, and gauze wrap roll in each pouch.  Basic instructions are on the inside of the flap.  Expiration dates of the various clotting packs vary, but range from three to five years.  They are easily replaceable one by one as necessary.

Bandage Kit Contents


The Stop The Bleeding kits contain all of the basic supplies needed to provide initial treatment for a traumatic bleeding situation.