Indoor Range Modification


We are still having an issue with some cross-lane firing on the 10 yard indoor targets. Isolation curtains have been installed to block the view of the second target.


Direct any questions concerning the curtains to ALGC President Jim Johnson.


Curtains are now located on both sides of the Indoor Range and should not be moved. They are there to obscure the second target.

Automatic Vent Louvers


If you remember the old vent system you will be familiar with the pole needed to manually open the fan vents. The manual operation is gone and has been replaced by spring loaded automatic louvers.


Now when the fan switch is turned on the vent louvers will automatically open to allow fresh air to enter the indoor range. No more forgetting to manually open or close the fan door. The louvers will close when the fan is turned off.

Down-range Lighting


 For those of us that like to grab a range cart and shoot from the 5, 7 and 10 yard lines but could see your sights; let there be light. Two new flood lights have been mounted to the back of the metal baffle. These floods bounce light off of the reflective ceiling surface to provide a general illumination down-range.


These new flood lights are controlled by a switch tucked away in a window area and can be illuminated in conjunction with the backstop lights. The down-range switch provides the ability to practice in both average brightness when on and more of a dusk-like light when turned off.


The overhead switch that can turn out the 10 yard floodlights has been labeled for that wants to shoot from the 50 foot firing line mats. The juniors especially had a problem with the glare on their aperture type rear sights with the big floods, but needed some kind of light in that area.  The three pull-chain lights across the back of the mats are on the same circuit as the floods, but can be turned on when the override switch is on or off, supplying the desired type of light for 50 ft shooting.

5, 7 & 10 Yard Floor Striping

Floor Stiping

CCW Live Fire Practice

Qualification Target


New striping at 5, 7 and 10 yard lines.

Qualification Target

CCW Live Fire Practice

Qualification Target


When practicing for CCW qualification, 10 rounds each should be fired from 5 yards, 7 yards and 10 yards using a  BC-27 silhouette target.

CCW Live Fire Practice

CCW Live Fire Practice

CCW Live Fire Practice


Easy to see lines have been added to assist members in practicing for CCW live fire qualification.